How to Transform the Quality of Inline XBRL Reports:
Introducing Certent HD Reporting

Join us on March 31st at 11 AM PDT, 2 PM EDT

Globally, more and more organizations are meeting requirements to use inline XBRL. Now the focus has shifted from just the data to presentation and formatting quality. Leading organizations understand the importance of high quality, fixed-layout   formatting, to communicate to stakeholders effectively.

With the introduction of High Definition or HD ReportingSM from Certent, there is no need to compromise between regulatory requirements and high-quality documents. HD Reporting generates pixel-perfect web-based documents that look and behave like paper reports while supporting Inline XBRL regulatory requirements.

In this 30-minute session, experts from Certent’s executive and product teams will:

  • Review the new state of the art in EDGARized and In-line reporting.
  • Discuss how to transform communications with innovative and easier-to-read filings.
  • Identify ways to reduce cost and keep production in-house.

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Judy Ash PNG-1

Judy Ash

Chief Marketing Officer



Mark Newallo

Senior Product Manager, Disclosure Management


Brett Alexander

Brett Alexander

SVP Products, Disclosure Management



Together, we’re in it to win it.


“My favorite thing about working with Certent is just the people. They’re passionate about what they do and I love that. I’ve found a group that I can identify with that really takes ownership of the knowing the numbers, knowing their subject matter and that is important to me. ”

- Monica B.,
Resources Global Professionals


“Now that we have implemented Certent, we have a much more efficient process to update tables in the document immediately and can utilize multi-user performance. For someone considering Certent, the customer service level is what sets them apart. ”

- Elliot B.,
LifePoint Health


“We’ve gone from manually preparing our 20-F in Word and retyping all the financial data into it, to having the data automatically self-populate into every report where it’s needed.”

-  Francois Bouwer.,

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