Recorded Webinar

What is the Future for High
Definition (HD) Financial Reporting?

Presented by Certent and Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN

One of the greatest challenges concerning reporting has been the dislocation between what people see, the so-called, ‘presentation layer’ (often rendered in HTML) and what is contained in the underlying XBRL code.

What if these two elements can actually be produced synchronously using the same tool and is it possible to produce high-quality documentation as part of the same process as configuring the numbers?

Watch on-demand for insight into what the future of reporting might look like. Join us in a wide-reaching discussion to explore the potential of HD Reporting in this 30-minute session hosted by Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN and Kevin Beckberger, VP of Solutions Engineering, Disclosure Management at Certent.

About the Speakers


Gary Simon
Chief Executive of FSN and Leader of the
Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn


Kevin Beckberger
VP of Solutions Engineering, Disclosure Management


Together, we’re in it to win it.


“My favorite thing about working with Certent is just the people. They’re passionate about what they do and I love that. I’ve found a group that I can identify with that really takes ownership of the knowing the numbers, knowing their subject matter and that is important to me. ”

- Monica B.,
Resources Global Professionals


“Now that we have implemented Certent, we have a much more efficient process to update tables in the document immediately and can utilize multi user performance. For someone considering Certent, the customer service level is what sets them apart. ”

- Elliott B.,
LifePoint Health

“We’ve gone from manually preparing our 20-F in Word and retyping all the financial data into it, to having the data automatically self-populate into every report where it’s needed.”

- Francois Bouwer.,

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