The Seven Risks of Spreadsheets and Three Routes to Eliminate Them

A White Paper for Equity Plan Management


Equity Plan Management: Seven Risks of Spreadsheets and Three Routes to Eliminate Them

Excel remains a mainstay for finance departments around the world. According to recruitment consultants Robert Half, 63% of U.S. businesses still use the ubiquitous spreadsheet program as their primary budgeting and planning tool

But while spreadsheets can be a powerful and flexible solution for some finance processes, they can introduce unacceptable levels of risk when used to manage equity plans — including a lack of appropriate controls for your financial statements.

This paper looks at why Excel isn’t the best choice of tool for equity plan management and accounting. It sets out both the familiar and less-obvious risks of relying on Excel and presents three alternative options that not only take the risk out of equity plan management but the hassle and stress, too.

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