Gain a whole new level of insight and analysis, and enjoy more organized data, better decisions, and enhanced communications with Certent's Cap Table Analytics.


With Certent's Cap Table Analytics, private companies can:

Save time and effort in the administration of shareholder documentation, cap table and reporting requirements.

Enjoy decision support on the fly in evaluating term sheets or modeling the impact of a financing event on current and prospective shareholders.



Product Highlights

  • Complete SEC, FASB, and IFRS calculations and reporting, support for 15 award types and extensive forecasting and modeling capabilities
  • Full audit trail for faster closes and easier audits - time and date stamped
  • An intuitive participant portal to eliminate time spent processing administrative requests, improve communication, and simplify transactions
  • Functionality to pre-schedule reports and have the data delivered right to your inbox


Reporting Advantages

  • Generate management reports within the Certent platform
  • Track financial and projections, stakeholder holdings, and transactions within a security
  • Generate capitalization tables by date

Analysis Advantages

  • Model the impact of new financings on your corporate structure
  • Compare term sheets and the payout for each security
  • Identify the most beneficial outcome by class
  • Identify the payout and decision analysis for each class of security at any exit amount


Together, we’re in it to win it.


"My favorite feature of the platform is the reports. Being able to pull up a report when requested by HR or finance and handing it off and knowing it's accurate. The biggest benefit with the platform is accuracy, time management and the support."

- Lorna G.
Black Hills Corporation


"We cannot live without Participant Portal. The Participant Portal has helped our employees so much, they can run the reports that they need. It's so user friendly, we can't go back. We have seen a huge reduction in time using Certent, it has helped us be more effective and efficient with our time."

- Jamie H.
Valmont Industries

"The accuracy of the Grant Administration and the financial reporting aspect gives us access to information we didnt have with other solutions. The system has freed me up to be more strategic."

- Terry T.

About Certent

Certent, Inc., founded in 2002, helps customers elevate their business with smart, intuitive solutions to scale alongside a company's growth lifecycle from startup through IPO. Our advanced solutions for cap table, equity management, shareholder analysis, and employee communications help startups improve accuracy, save time, and get more done. The company operates in seven countries and serves over 2,400 private, pre-IPO, and public companies around the world.