Product Highlights:

  • Filter searches of EDGAR/SEDAR disclosures using more than 40 criteria

  • Save searches and receive automatic alerts via email including relevant keywords, news releases, and insider trades

  • Analyze regulatory correspondence including SEC comment letters and SEDAR Decision Documents related to specific issues of concern in your 10-K, 10-Q, 424B3, 14DEFA, etc.

  • Find precedent examples that will help improve business transparency

  • Enhance compliance with instant access to FASB and IFRS accounting standards

  • Merge, compare, and share document features for seamless collaboration & improved workflow

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Results highlight exactly what you search on!

DisclosureNet is a robust, comprehensive and indispensable tool in our accounting research. As a result of using DisclosureNet, Agrium’s financial statements are at the leading edge of financial reporting and our time spent researching has been reduced by over 50%.

Malcolm McKay, C.A., CFP
Director, Technical Accounting
Agrium Inc.


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